Miss. C. 奥布莱恩,图书馆经理

Miss A. 斯图尔特,图书管理员

Students can visit the library during, break, lunch and after school

bet36体育在线的目标是培养对阅读的终身热爱, foster a curiosity for learning and provide students with an inspiring, 欢迎多元化的学习环境, 支持课程的相关资源.

图书馆是一个充满活力的阅读和学习的地方. It is used throughout the school day by classes and during break and lunch the library is used by students to borrow and return books, 使用电脑, 还有学校作业. This service is also extended after school hours until 4:15.


The Library is at the heart of the school community and fully supports and offers enrichment to all subject areas. Teachers can bring students and classes to the library to access and explore the resources available.


在Ellen Wilkinson, we follow the 加速读者 programme which helps students progress with their independent reading. Students following 加速读者 receive dedicated Library lessons and guidance with their reading. Students read books that are targeted at the right level for them to progress, and then visit the 加速读者 website to take quizzes on the books they have read.

Ellen Wilkinson加速阅读网站链接: 



图书馆有20多个,包括小说在内的印刷和电子资源, 非小说类, 参考书籍和期刊.

The library is dedicated to providing students with a diverse range of books and the large fiction section caters for students of different ages and abilities. 包括经典名著, 各种类型的小说, 短篇小说, 漫画小说, 快速阅读, 适合阅读障碍的书籍和最新发行的书籍. 学生可以借两本书,最多两周, after which they must be renewed or returned so that other students may borrow them. Throughout the year the students have a chance to decide what books they would like in the library by making book suggestions and by taking part in the Student Voice Book Choice, 他们在哪里投票给他们最喜欢的书.

The 非小说类 section covers a wide range of stock to support the curriculum. We actively encourage students to engage in wider reading and to be curious about the subjects they are studying. There are encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books to help with research for assignments. These books are arranged using the Dewey Decimal System and are also colour coded on the shelf. There is also a dedicated reference section for revision books covering KS3, KS4及KS5课程范围. The Library has GCSE and A Level magazines covering many of the subject areas.


We use the Reading Cloud to keep track of our books and resources and make them available for students to borrow, 保留和审查. Students can visit the Reading Cloud online to search the library catalogue, 查阅图书馆记录, 找出最喜欢的作家和书籍, 撰写并分享书评, look for book recommendations and view websites and resources to help with homework. 

Ellen Wilkinson阅读云的链接:


除了学校图书馆里的书之外, students are also able to access E-books and Audio Books through a new digital book collection, 叫苍井空. 这允许学生浏览, borrow and read books at anytime from anywhere on smart devises via the Sora App. Students can simply download the Sora App or go to the Sora website to borrow digital books with their G-suite login details. 它们可以在所有主要设备和平板电脑上使用. Local residents can add the London Borough of Ealing to their Sora account to browse and checkout titles from the London Libraries Consortium.



The library has an online account with Complete Issues where students can easily find reliable, 相关有趣的文章, 统计数据和更多帮助他们学习的东西. 这个资源可以从家里和学校访问. There are also other recommended websites that are accessible through the Reading Cloud.  The library provides web links and access to other online subscriptions and resources such as the News Library and the Churchill Archive. These electronic resources allow students to undertake independent research while ensuring the information they use is academically credible.  All website links and login details can be found on the library pages on Firefly, 学校虚拟学习平台.



图书馆里有18台电脑供学生使用. These are all linked to the school network, the Internet and a printer. In addition to these computers the Library has a dedicated Library search computer. 课间使用电脑前必须预约, lunch and after school and are for school work and research purposes only.


The library not only supports the student’s academic studies, 但也为个人发展提供了一扇大门. 这是一个交朋友的好地方. We hold regular competitions for the students to get involved with and on Fridays, 图书馆的午餐时间很轻松 星期五运动会俱乐部, where students of all levels to test their mental agility through a range of board games including chess, draughts, scrabble, 大富翁和更多.

The Library also holds regular competitions linked to book genres and literary and global events. 世界读书日 is an important day in the school calendar where every department celebrates the joys of reading and encourages the students to read through booky activities, 作者访问, 比赛和服装. 图书馆还支持 书交换, where students and staff are encouraged donate books to share, 读取并返回, 整个学校社区的图书交换.


We are dedicated to providing students with opportunities for personal development. 所有bet36备用平台学生, from year 7 right through to year 13 are able to help in the Library during their break and lunchtimes. 他们由图书管理员进行培训和组织. This valuable contribution by the students provides them with practical work experience and serves as part of their citizenship contribution to the school community.